NCCAS – 7th Grade

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  1. Remember to always view the NOTES section in the bottom left corner of each Lesson Screen. These notes often contain important information related to fulfilling NCCAS Standards, and are a critical component of our Curriculum.
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Quaver Correlation to NCCAS Standards - 7th Grade           
Artistic ProcessesCreatingPerformingRespondingConnecting
Anchor StandardsCr1Cr2Cr3Pr4Pr5Pr6Re7Re8Re9Cn10Cn11
Latin Percussion 
1: Introduction to Latin AmericaYYY
2: Making Our DrumsYY
3: Brazil and the SambaYYYY
4: Playing the SambaYYY
5: Cuba and the SalsaYYYYY
6: Playing the SalsaYYYY
7: Dominican Republic and the MerengueYYYY
8: Playing the MerengueYYYY
9: Practicing for the PerformanceYYYY
10: The PerformanceYYYY
Composers in Music History 
11: Composers Throughout HistoryYY
12: The Baroque PeriodYYYY
13: The Classical PeriodYYYY
14: The Romantic PeriodYYYY
15: The Impressionist PeriodYYYYYY
16: The Big Musical Periods QuizYYY
17: Composer Project 2Y
18: Composer Project 3YY
19: Composer Project 4YYY
20: Composer Project PresentationYYYY
Music, Media, and Technology 
21: Music, Media, and TechnologyYYYY
22: News Music Drum BeatYYYY
23: News Music Minor Key MelodyYYYYYY
24: Reading the NewsYYYYYY
25: Cell Phone Ringtones IntroductionYYYYY
26: 1st Ringtone Start to FinishYYYY
27: 2nd Ringtone Start to FinishYYYY
28: 3rd Ringtone Start to FinishYYYYY
29: Finish Off & Decide on PresentationYYYYY
30: Final PresentationYYYYY
31: Introduction to the UkuleleYYY
32: Open Strings PracticeYYYY
33: Learning the Scale of CYYYY
34: Scale of C SkipsYYY
35: Introduce Chords C, F, and G7YYYYY
36: Combine 3 Chords of C, F, and G7YYYY
37: Combine Chords with MelodyYYY
38: Student Performance 1YYYYYY
39: Student Performance 2YYYYY
40: Final PerformanceYYYY

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