NCCAS – 8th Grade

See how each Quaver lesson meets NCCAS Music Standards with our interactive NCCAS Standards Crosswalk.

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  1. Remember to always view the NOTES section in the bottom left corner of each Lesson Screen. These notes often contain important information related to fulfilling NCCAS Standards, and are a critical component of our Curriculum.
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Quaver Correlation to NCCAS Standards - 8th Grade           
Artistic ProcessesCreatingPerformingRespondingConnecting
Anchor StandardsCr1Cr2Cr3Pr4Pr5Pr6Re7Re8Re9Cn10Cn11
1: Introduction to the KeyboardYYY
2: Notes C and DYYY
3: C, D, E, and FYYYY
4: C, D, E, F, and GYYY
5: Chords: 3 Fingers C, F, and GYYYY
6: More on Chords; 3 Fingers C, F, G and
7: Your ChoiceYYYYY
8: Your Choice Part 2YYYYYY
9: Your Choice Part 3YYYYYY
10: The Final PerformanceYYYY
Asian Percussion 
11: Drums of IndiaYYY
12: Drums of the Middle EastYYY
13: Drums of JapanYYYY
14: Taiko Drumming A SectionYYYYYY
15: Taiko Drumming B SectionYYYY
16: Taiko Drumming C SectionYYYY
17: Finishing Touches - Program NotesYYYYY
18: Finishing Touches - Staging OptionsYYYYY
19: Dressing the RehearsalYYY
20: Final Presentation and Evaluations!YYYY
Musical Styles 
21: Introduction to Styles and JazzYYYY
22: Improvising a Jazz PieceYYYYYY
23: Basics of RockYYYYY
24: Hooks, Fills, and ImprovisingYYYY
25: Basics of Hip-HopYYYYY
26: Hip-Hop and BeatboxingYYYYYYY
27: Choose Your StyleYYYYY
28: Working on Our PieceYYYYYYY
29: Dress RehearsalYYYYY
30: Final PerformanceYYYY
Giant Jam 
31: What Is a Jam?YYY
32: Jamming with Bass InstrumentsYYYYY
33: Jamming with Treble InstrumentsYYYYY
34: Jamming with Found SoundsYYYYY
35: Jamming with DrumsYYYYYY
36: Composing our Giant JamYYYYY
37: Arranging the A SectionYYYYY
38: Arranging the B SectionYYYYYYY
39: Arranging the C SectionYYYYYYY
40: Final PresentationsYYY

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