Professional Development

Our Professional Development program is adaptable to suit your needs, be they online, on-demand, or on-site.

Online Training

Each semester, we host a Live Digital Training Day for all Quaver Teacher. These are the perfect opportunity for educators spread around a large district. Attendees can interact with each other and the Quaver training team through chat and text questions to further customize the direction of the session. Explore the archives of past Digital Training Days on our Help Site!

Additionally, our Monthly Training Webinars can be accessed by any teacher and are used to communicate new information about content and functionality, and provide great training on new features from Quaver himself. Because of our live format, we can take questions from teachers and answer them on the spot. These 30 minute webinars are also archived and can be accessed by teachers at their convenience.

Check out a clip from our 2015 Live Digital Training Day with educators:

On-Demand Video Training

Our On-Demand Video Training Curriculum allows educators to tune into ongoing training 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Professional Development Curriculum consists of 11 Video Training Courses, each designed to teach you how to use specific content and functionality in your account. Each course focuses on an aspect of your QuaverMusic resources and contains between 5 and 30 video sessions, organized into modules with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. Most videos are less than 5 minutes long, so you can dig into a specific task, or tackle a resource from beginning to end.

Check out this example of our On-Demand PD Curriculum below, featuring Quaver Trainer Otto Gross walking viewers through using a Curriculum lesson for the first time. Or explore the full PD Curriculum on our Help Site.

On-site Training

Engaging, hands-on, and fun for teachers, Professional Development Days boost attendance, increase enthusiasm, and manage the adoption of new materials. Teachers leave these fun and educational training sessions empowered and excited to dive into Quaver’s resources!

Quaver Teacher Training